Friday, February 5, 2010

Let Me Count the Ways... Day 5

in january, for no occasion at all, my husband brought me this special little book. "i love you because..." about 100 pages of romantic love quotes and sweet thoughts. i was so moved to tears and inspired. here's the theme for february: i'll post a new quote/thought for each day and then elaborate with a personal story. i encourage you all to do the same for your significant other. it's a great way to get that feeling of renewal. feel free to borrow the graphic and link to my blog as well. there just might be a giveaway at the end ;) i'd love for you to share your stories!

day 5:

to love someone is to see the miracle invisible to others.

individually, tim and i are very different. i'm sure people think we are complete opposites! in being so different, we truly appreciate what each other brings into our marriage. how blessed are we to have the chance to really know someone better than anyone else on the planet!

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