Friday, February 26, 2010

Going in 100 Different Directions

This has been one busy week for this stay at home mom. I really do try and commit myself to staying at home and working for my family...goodness knows my home needs my constant attention :) This week was filled with crazy sinus pressure, grocery shopping, goodwill & dollar tree finds, errand running, birthday lunch & dinner, very yummy cake baking, present wrapping, dental appointment, and now it's friday. Taking one room at a time and then locking the door behind me when i'm done. My bathroom and 2 bedrooms (never mine, lol) are done and laundry is rolling.

Got some MatchBox 20 blaring while Adam and I straighten up.

Next week, I have 2 books to review and both are giveaways! Trav's birthday pics to post too. March and April are fast approaching. Seems like these two months are the busiest for us around here. I'm prepping for all that Spring has to offer, this crazy weather has to go.

Have a great weekend bloggy friends!


Denise said...

Sarah, I have an award for you on my blog!

Robyn said...

Hi Sarah, Denise told me to syop by and say "hi"! How many blogs do you have? I was looking at your profile & it looks like several. How do you keep up?
Nice meeting you! I hope you have an awesome week! Robyn

Sarah said...

hi robyn! glad you stopped by :) i have 2 blogs i run and then i contribute to one other. fun stuff! it's like free therapy!! lol