Friday, May 6, 2011

When I Can't Be With Them...

I'm not usually an anxious person. I can handle most anything when I have a tiny bit of time to prepare. When my children are at school, they are their own person and dealing with their own happenings. I can't be with them, and sometimes yes, it does bring me some anxiety. This year especially, when my baby started all day kindergarten, I just began praying with them individually before they got on their buses.

Slowly, but surely I have shown them (and myself) that I am trusting the Lord to protect and care for them all day while we are apart. Some days the prayers are a little longer, some may be a quick little "I love you" prayer. Now they look for that moment while we are prepped and ready to go, for that special time with me by our front door.

Our. Front. Door.

The place where I kiss and hug them goodbye in the morning, the door where I kiss and hug them hello in the afternoon.

What an amazing thing to share with my 3!

~Happy Mother's Day~