Friday, January 25, 2008

January Happenings

Adam is now 3! That went by so fast! He has moved on from his toddler bed to the twin, and is finding his way to our bed in the middle of the night- well rather around 3-4 am. He's doing well though- he has a new phrase- "I miiiiss you" It's so sweet to hear that from him.

Travis was happy to head back to school after a long Christmas break. He had perfect weekly reports from class for 7 weeks in a row now. Thrilled about his good behavior in school and his great manners. At the post office a couple of weeks ago, he held the door open for all the people coming in and out and just being helpful. his new job is clearing the table after dinner- a job he really like doing :)

Cayley is doing good too. School is going smoothly for her- with the occasional homework frustrations- but nothing too bad. Today is report card day and I'm sure she's make good grades again :) Her job is setting the table for me. Last week they wanted to have a "fancy" dinner, so we changed the table cloth, put some flowers in a vase and lit some candles! Cayley & Travis were in charge of this while I cooked dinner. It was so cute! Travis got dressed up in his nice shirt & tie (man clothes he calls them) and Cayley put on a new dress.

Tim is well- working a lot, but his branch rankings for 07 were excellent! He was the top branch service manager in the area. So glad he's getting the recognition he deserves! Very proud of him and his dedication to his job.

I am really trying to get my house in order- using the FLY Lady to help. Like right now, I'm on a break, but I am working on it. All is good with me- and when it' s not, I try and remind myself just how blessed my life really is. Linzi's baby shower is coming up next weekend!!! This will be a wonderful getaway for me. So excited to see everyone!

That's it for now :)