Thursday, November 29, 2007

New pics

Travis at Grandma Debbie & Grandpa Richard's house before Thanksgiving- He's showing off his new smile :)

Here's a new one of Adam just being a sweetheart and looking at flowers!

Cayley and her just outed tooth :)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Thanksgiving & Stuff

well, to follow up with the previous blog- travis' tooth did come out. he and adam were playing and then all of a sudden "poof" the loose tooth is on the couch. the tooth fairy came to visit and took his tooth away and left a dollar. travis was not interested in the money, but really wanted his tooth back. lol he later forgot about it and went on with his life.

so the kids had the whole week of thanksgiving off from school. yep- that made me a little nervous to have all 3 home and try and get ready for the big lunch on thursday. but my dad & linda came up and took cayley & trav back to sa with them from sunday- wednesday!!! i got so much done and felt good too. a BIG thanks to you guys!!!!

tim, adam, & i actually got to take a trip to the mall and get my secret santa's gifts and have a real nice dinner out!! adam was so sweet- since he had already eaten dinner :)

lunch on thanksgiving was so good! i love thanksgiving foods so much! sounds weird, but so true. did a little shopping on black friday and then did nothing much besides watch movies and decorate for christmas at home.

it was hard getting the kids up and moving on monday and each had their excuses for wanting to stay in bed...but nope! they went to school.

i have several portrait sessions coming up. very excited about that :) so fingers crossed for more great weather like today!!!

Cayley has now lost her first tooth! What a busy month it's been for the tooth fairy :) I'll share some pics soon.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Travis & His Loose Tooth

last thursday, travis was sitting at the kitchen table and tried to get down and ended up falling off the chair. his top teeth went through his bottom lip! i was so trying not to freak out, and he was pretty calm about it at first.

then came all the blood. omg! now i'm like yelling at cayley to keep adam in the other room while trav and i are in the bathroom. i called my mil for her mommy opinion and together we didn't think he needed stiches, but one of his top teeth was super loose. poor travis was so exhausted by this point and he falls asleep on the couch once the bleeding stopped. i was so emotionally drained too.

i called our 24- hour nurse hotline and she said i was doing all i could. so friday i took him to see the dentist to check his tooth. well, after the xrays, they found that trav has an extra tooth above his 2 front baby teeth but below his permanent ones. so when it's time, it will be easy to remove, but right now that tooth is making it hard for the loose one to tighten up again.

he'll be ok- just enough to scare me!! now all he wants is for it to come out. it's looking pretty dangle"y" today so i called the super wonderful dentist. she said let him do what he want and if it comes out then ok. so that's the plan :)