Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Hunger Games

These three words: The Hunger Games, changed me.
This book series is so hard to describe to someone, but they are amazing.

Filled with joy, sadness, tragedy, and mostly the courage of the human spirit.

Literally, I read these books and stayed awake in bed with the book themes running through my head.

I could not escape them.

The Hunger Games is action filled and pulls you in right from the start.

Really pulled at my heart.

Catching Fire, the second book in the series has even more of what you loved about HG,
if it was at all possible!

Mockingjay, the finale, leads you through twists and turns you never see coming!

Thank you Suzanne Collins for inviting us into Panem and District 12!


Everyday around 2:30, I get this feeling I can't explain.
I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for my kids to get home!
I love to hear about their day at school, get their snacks, & start homework.
We fall right into routines and it's so nice! Fridays, I have a movie ready to relax and watch with them. Some days, it's smoothies, some days fruit.
Adam 9 times out of 10 requests a PB sandwich and so I always have it ready.
The kids eat lunch pretty early in the day, so they are so ready to snack when they get here.
Do you do anything special to prep for your kids getting home from school?

Sunday, March 6, 2011

What Are You Watching?

Here's a post about tv. Yes, I need some tv time to unwind and just escape the duties of being a wife and mother. So here's truthfully what I'm watching. My mommy only tv time ;)

Some are so thought provoking that tackle some really tough issues:

What a completely relatable show!

Grey's takes on alzheimer's, post tramatic stress, and way more!

Ok, what hasn't gone on with PP?! It's been a tough season to watch, lots of me crying in each episode lately.

Now what I watch for a good laugh:

I just really discovered Modern Family. If you don't watch it, don't be left behind like I felt ;)

Yes, I am a new Gleek! I have said it before- I wish (if I could sing) that my life could be a musical. These kids are living my dream, lol! This is one that deals with loads of social issues as well- ones I'm not ready to discuss with my almost 10 year old, so it's just for me.

And to name my biggest (not so secret) indulgence:
Anything on Bravo pretty much!