Thursday, December 27, 2007

No Time for Blogging Lately- December Update

So here's an update :)

This Christmas season was wonderful! Kids got to play int he snow here at the subdivision- and see Santa!!! Secret Santa with playgroup was fun and MNO Christmas party at a fellow playgroup mom's house. Everyone brought some great food and I had a super time.

Then it was Tim's vacation- we actually got to go out to breakfast together with Adam while Cayley & Travis were in school. Travis had his pre-k Christmas prgram that next week and that was FUN! Our little Travis was singing and dancing. It was only 20minutes long- but that's long enough for 80+ pre k kids!

Class parties were good-Now the kids are off for the holidays- one week down & one to go :) Actually it's going really well this week.

Round One-
Christmas Eve my mom, step dad & AJ came up to visit!! It was so great! The kids decorated gingerbread men with the grandparents and Tim & I took AJ w/ us to Bass Pro Shop. That was more fun then I expected. Plus it was nice to spend time w/ my little brother- who is so much taller than me!!! Came home and we had some super tamales & chicken torilla soup(yummy) and just hang out a thome that night. Oh we tracked Santa on NORAD again this year- so cool!

Christmas morning- I thought ahead and set the coffee to start at 5:30am- thank goodness!!! By 6am, the kids were up and woke up grandpa & daddy!!! It was so much fun to see the kids open their gifts- even Travis was cute when he got something that wasn't Spiderman or a robot!!!

After the big wrapping paper clean up- I cooked pancakes and got a second cup of coffee, lol! The rest of the morning was filled with learning how to work the robots all the kids got and dressng up for some family Christmas pics.

Round Two-
My mom left around 12:30 and my dad & Linda go there around 3pm. Tim was working on deep frying his first turkey and we were all excited!Yep- so more food! But this meal was way easier for me :) and yep- more presents! It was a nice 2 days with my families!!!!

Round Three-
Has yet to happen, but coming soon! Monday is Adam's 3rd birthday!!! Dad & Linda are bringing Cayley back from SA on Saturday or Sunday and then we'll have a little something for my baby. - and then again on Monday :)

I'll add some pics later- gotta clean up some more!!!!