Friday, October 31, 2008

He packs our lunch too!

this is from family life mom blog

Monday, October 20, 2008
The economy: Putting it in a trust
by Janel Breitenstein
I was talking to my friend again last night—the one who's very concerned about the economy. She's doing some good things about it: streamlining her lifestyle so that she can save money for a rainy day, for example. But I see and hear that the worry still consumes her.
When she asked for the second time if I was worried, I related what my mom told me in high school.
"Janel, you know how I've packed your lunch every day?"
Of course. That blessed woman packed a lunch every day of the week except for spaghetti day—her only lunch-packing reprieve.
"Well, it'd probably seem a little silly if you came in wringing your hands every morning, begging me to pack your lunch. I think faith and trust are a little like that."
And that's what I told my friend. God had taken care of us, for example, even during my layoff when I was pregnant and John was scheduled to end his internship in a month. Then we owed $500 in taxes. Then our computer crashed. Then we got in a wreck when I was 37 weeks along ... in the nice car. (Well, nicer car.)
God used the money from the accident to pay our mortgage that summer. I'd prayed that God wouldn't let us go in the red—and sure enough, God "packed our lunch" every day that summer. And that hasn't been the only hard time He's seen us through.
So I smiled at my friend. "I guess God's packed my lunch so many times that I don't need to worry. I don't want to cheapen the great stuff He's done for us. He's been too good."
Thanks, Mom—and thanks, Lord.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Apple Story by Adam

when mom looked in the fridge:

as told by adam
"so my mom made breakfast for me and my brother and sister this morning- like she does every morning. i'm a constant snacker, so i graze along through breakfast and move into post breakfast snack mode when "the others" are off to school. mom keeps the apples in the fridge where i can reach them- healthy snacks she calls them and so she doesn't mind so much if i pop into the fridge and grab one :) so i grabbed 2 after breakfast!

well, later that morning- not sure where mom was was at the time- probably moving clothes from the washer to the dryer- she's really good at that- i needed more snacks. back to my apple friends on the lower shelf in the fridge i went. i know we just had a big bag of these things....what happened? she just bought 10 yesterday! oh well....look chips...."

when mom looked in the living room

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tagged Blogging

Sarah Smith says: Post the sixth picture from the sixth file in your photos.

that's cayley the night before Ike hit wiggling out another tooth! she's so brave :)

2. Sarah Smith says: basically you are now supposed to share 7 pieces of random information about yourself on your blog. It's kind of fun!

1.well, right now i am struggling to find the balance between who i am and who i am needed to be. all ok though- just going through one of those mom phases and remembering that's not the only role that defines me.

2. i am way too much of a tv junkie.

3. there's always something good to watch on food network. i love to cook- most days- and finding new recipes makes me happy :)

4. i can't remember my last haircut for some reason!

5. i am so excited about my movie date with cayley coming up in 2 weeks! got our tickets and ready to go see high school musical with my girl! i am really trying to make some special time with each child and tim too.

6. i get butterflies when my husband sends me a simple " i love you" email from work. ah, the little things in life!

7.i have soooo many boxes of pictures that it's scary. i really need to organize and scrapbook them!!!!!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

So Super Excited!

just found out that my little sister-who's 19 weeks along- is having a baby GIRL!!!!

now to start baby shower planning and shopping! can't wait to meet you baby Stella :)


your auntie sarah