Friday, September 28, 2007

Now on to October.....

Ah! September flew by! With everyone getting their new schedules, new schools, new buses, fundraiers, it really went by fast. Now October is going to be BUSY!

There's my class reunion in 7 days and as of right now I think it's under control again . Things got a little scary there for a minute, but like all good things, everything is falling into place for us :) My parents are all being so supportive of this event and are helping in great ways. So if you are reading this "Thank You!". I get to see all of them this next weekend AND get to see my friends and have a night out with Tim. Wow! All of this rarely happens, let alone in the same weekend.

Travis has his first field trip and they are going to Moody Gardens Aquarium! I already booked my spot to go with :) My sweet neighbor said she would keep Adam for me so I can go. Oh and Trav's teacher emailed and asked if I'd be on a site based comittee at he school...I said sure! They only meet once a month afterschool, so that's all good for me. Very excited that they asked me to be on it :) I guess they figure I'll be around for the next 4 years possibly, lol!

Cayley is doing so well in school! All of her returned papers are 100s except one 94--she felt bad about it. She know's she's a smartie! Dancing with the Stars is back on and that's our show to watch together! I love sitting down with her and laughing, cheering, and being a judge of the show too! I know we'll have class halloween parties to help with :)

Today is October 30, 2007-

WOW! Ok, not much blogging going on here lately! So here's an update:
Class reunion was wonderful! Annie &MaryAnn are the best! We had the same goals and worked so well together. Lucky for us, someone else wants to organize a 15 year. lol

Travis' field trip was great! He did not want me to go with him. Being at school is HIS time and not for mommy- he says. He got over it and we had a fun morning together at the aquarium. He's so silly. Lately he's doing these crazy funny poses for pictures.

Cayley got her first 1st grade report card and all 100s. Her reading is so good and her math is strong too. I got to eat lunch with her at school last week and it was so nice to see her in her element. She was quieter than at home, but she was so happy to share the time with me. I got to sit and chat with her teacher too and that was nice. Cayley's class Halloween party is tomorrow and I'm helping :) Trav's is today and I better get going to make it to his costume parade--more updates to come!

back from Trav's party-- really quick trip for me & Adam. Adam just was into everythng, so we left early. Did get some good pics though. During the parade- guess who lead it off???? TRAVIS! Super cute!

Adam is talking more lately. He's saying "yes". He's doing well and just being a sweetheart most of the time :)

I had a portrait session a couple of weekends ago and it was so much fun! Looking forward to being busy with pictures this fall/winter!

Tim's doing good too. He was in Pennsylvannia all last week for a training session. We missed him and glad he's back home.

Anything else???

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Such a Busy Week!


My dad's in the hospital today. As of right now, he's prepped and ready to go into surgery at 3pm. I wish there was something I could do for both him and my step mom , but right now prayers are all I can offer. Just a little edgy till I get word that he's ok.

Cayley was super surprised when my mom and stepdad met her for lunch at school yesterday! But she woke up this morning so cranky and agitated- not sure what exactly was the matter, but she went off the school fine. Her open house is tomorrow night :)

The kindergarten called this afternoon. Travis was already home, but I still feel like "oh no, what's wrong?" But it was good- they asked if I could volunteer to take pictures of grandparents students next week at their special breakfasts. So I said sure! I'm just happy they asked and that I can be of some help. We made several appearances at the school last year...but I didn't think they knew me that well, lol. But they knew all about Adam having to come with me :)

So now on to Thursday!

There was a nice sized tropical storm head our way as of yesterday afternoon, but it turned last minute and headed more NE of us. Talked to my dad last night and this morning! He's on his was home shortly and the surgery was a success. Thank you Thank you Jesus!

Cayley had her Open House tonight and quite like I expected...she's a teacher favorite helper :) She was confident and cool about being in first grade. Super cute! Her teacher is great at communicating with us and I feel comfortable knowing Cayley's in her class.

Still sick- I've had this sinus/head cold thing all week and can't shake it. More annoying than anything, I have a hard time sleeping. So that makes the days very long lately. Cayley got a little talking to by her bus driver yesterday...she was trying to turn around and chat with someone behind today I made muffins for the bus driver and aide :) made some for Travis' bus too, but the funny thing was that today turned out to be Cayley's driver's birthday! So that worked out, lol!

Trying to figure out what else is needed for my class reunion picnic. Spoke to a friend of a fellow graduate and he's donating cases of soda to us! He works for Big Red and is really going out of his way to help us--there are good and generous people still left in this world afterall. Hurray!

Now it's Saturday:

Tim's stuck at work and we were planning on meeting him up at the deer lease today, but I still don't feel well enough. The kids are disappointed, but Travis is playing and singing in the bath tub & having a great time. Maybe the meds will kick in and we can still go later this afternoon.

Friday, September 7, 2007

Another Week Gone By

Travis just got home and eating his new favorite lunch-oatmeal! Everyday this week he has come home wanting some kind of fruit flavored oatmeal. So, I give it to him. There's worse things he could be wanting to eat :) He's learning the letter "C" and is practicing writing his name.

Cayley is going to be so surprised next week! It's Grandparent's week at her school and my mom and step dad are coming to eat lunch with her. She has NO clue :) I have heard nothing but good things about her at school. I love being able to email both of their teachers and get pretty quick responses. Tomorrow is the hot dog dinner at her school and that will be a good time to get out and meet some other kids and their parents from her class. And she is so excited about her cookie dough sale fundraiser!

Adam...what can I update on Adam? Well, he's playing a new game where he holds your hand and then lets go a little at a time. So he pretends he's falling and says "Whoa" over and over. Pretty cute. Oh, got his toddler bed last night and slept soundly.

We made cookies for Cayely's bus driver this week too. What a thankless job, but we are so lucky to have sweet ladies driving our babies to and from school. We'll send some to Trav's this week. Tim's home this weekend to be sure to go to Cayley's school on Saturday --it's very important to her!

Less than a month to go till my class reunion that I'm helping plan and getting a little nervous! Lots of people want to go, but having trouble getting them to pay, lol. Praying that everything will work itself out and it will be a great event.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hugs are Worth Their Weight in Gold

"Regardless of the number of people counting on you -- independent of your position of authority or responsibility -- everything does not depend on you; there are many things you don't understand. Humbly admit the truth. Put your confidence in God rather than yourself.There are a hundred worries clamoring for your attention, but only one thing is necessary.Trust in God; quiet your soul.~Holy God, the situation I face is too big for me. I don't understand the ramifications of every decision, so I'm giving it over to you. Help me to quiet my soul. Teach me to be still and trust completely in you."

Got this in my devotional today! I really do feel like there's so much depending on what I say and do, but maybe there's not. lol When I read "..the situation is too big for me.." I was thinking, well, today is nothing especially difficult for me-just another day-but then everyday is too big for us alone! I am depending to much on myself and what I have to do for me and my family--instead of what God wants to do for me--if I would just let Him. So I'll work on that too :)

Something amazed me last night- as I was tucking in Travis and saying our prayers, I told him how he needed to get some sleep so he'd be ready for school in the morning. Well, he leaned in and hugged me so tight and said" You're the best Mom!" . Anyone who knows Trav knows this is a big deal! He came home from school yesterday singing new songs and chatting about the events of his day. Wow! Thank you God he loves school!

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

New Resolution

New Year's maybe a few months away, but it's never to early to make a resolution for your life. And here's what I got in my daily devotional today: "Live in today...draw strength for today...and know that because Jesus lives... you can face tomorrow when it arrives.~ Father God,Thank You that You provide all I need to walk in this day. I put my hand in Yours and ask for Your strength and guidance for each step today. Thank You that You already see tomorrow and You will be there to help me face whatever it brings when it comes. Help my anxious heart to release tomorrow to Your loving care. In Jesus' name I pray, amen."

So I am resolving to live a happy, joy filled life! Full of postive people and thoughts. Yes, it makes a difference when you make a real decison to do it. I find myself always worried about so many little things, when He has bigger plans. No one is guaranteed another moment and I want to live my life in the way I'd want to be remembered....happy, kind, generous with time & love--not stressed, nervous, or frustrated. Who'd want that?!

Sure my new schedule and school routine is helping a bunch! My house is cleaner, I feel better! We find ourselves listening to more music lately, less tv. And when we are watching tv with the kids--it's usally pbs kid shows or Food network! lol They love it! Travis wants to be like Emeril Laggase! And Cayley likes her Rachael Ray!

Going to the park with playgroup tomorrow. Just me and Adam! That will be so weird, but he needs to get out and play too.

So have a wonderful day! And if it doesn't start off that way-make someone's else day!

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Just everyday life pt 2

The day is winding down. Kids fed, bathed, and ready to watch one of my all time fave movies "Sound of Music".

This is what I needed to hear to get me through the rest of the night! I know I do not exude confidence, never have really, but I am learning to grab it when I can :) Going to pop some popcorn and snuggle in on the couch with the kids. Mom, that popcorn maker is so exciting to the kids! They love it! and I vacuum. Just kidding!
Tomorrow I get to explain to Travis why there's not school on Sundays and try to get motivated to go to church. Cayley actually asked me if she could start on her Christmas list today! She had a much better afternoon and even got to help make peanut butter cookies.
I guess I'll try and do little updates once a week or so. Oh Travis is learning to say the Pledge of Allegiance! It's really cute! His teacher is so sweet and chats via email with me during the week.

So if anyone can handle my ramblings --keep checking the blog. It can only get better!

Just Everyday Life

Where to begin. It's a Saturday early afternoon and I'm home in cleaning mode. That is before and after my breaks to check email. Sure I probably check it way too many times, but today I am fielding emails about my 10 year class reunion on an item for sale on Ebay. There's so much I have to be doing, but am not. But I feel so very busy everyday and still don't have too much to show for it at the end of the day. How can that be?! How can I be up at 6am and cook, get kids ready and off to school, clean, laundry, etc....and still have a mess at bedtime? Just doesn't make sense. I'm trying really hard to make a difference in my house everyday..just so I know something got done that I won't have to do again tomorrow.

I am so thrilled that Travis, 4 1/2 now, loves school! Like he really was upset this morning when he didn't have to go today. He got over it and watched cartoons, but there was a real sense of dissappointment.

Adam, 2 , said his first real phrase yesterday! "Wow, what's that?" That's what he said to me! He really only says momma and dadda and then this popped out of the blue.

Cayley, 6, is learning all kinds of new talking back to her mother! We were planning on going to the little park in the subdivision today for a picnic lunch, but after how this girl was talking to me...we quickly cancel that. Just another reason for her to be mad at me. I have resolved myself to correcting this bad behavior. No matter what, lol.

It's already been a long day. But we push through. :)