Thursday, January 29, 2009

Money Saving Tip of the Week!

money is always tight around here with 3 kids, and my Mary Kay exfoliant (which is great!) is so not in our budget right now. well, after a little on line searching, i decided to make my own skin exfoliant :) and my face feels amazing!

all i did was use the coffee grounds (approx. 3tsp) that were left in the percalator after my cup this morning, a little less than 1/4 cup of salt, and maybe 2tsp of tea tree oil. mixed it all together and scrubed! my hands are super soft too. there was some left over, so i'll put it in a ziplock and use it in the next couple of days.

just thought i'd share-
happy thursday!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

25 (really) random things about me- as posted on Facebook.

1. I was engaged, married, and a new mom before I turned 22 years.
2. I am amazed with the different kinds of friends I have- old & new! But I love saying that I have such best friends that I am regular contact with since I was 14...and one since elementary!3. Sounds really cheesy, but I have fallen in love with Tim so many times over the last 12 years. aww, it's true! Nothing sweeter than a man with his kids :)

4. It's really sad that all things Twilight come out in weekly conversations!!! Thanks Laura- I have never been this involved in a book series-- borderline to therapy needed. lol
5. I was so super judgemental for a long I try and see different points of view...without losing my own. Lessons learned with age I guess.
6. There are so many things I miss about SA, but I can't see me living there again right now. I'm pretty happy where we are at.
7. Tim and I work in lines from various movies into daily little inside jokes all the time.
8. When my dad was in the hospital in the hospital almost 6 yrs ago, I learned how to give everything over to God and move out of the way so His work could be done. It works!
9. I need a real vacation! and I'm counting on it this March...plans in the works :)
10. Love anything Star Wars...crazy, but I wanted to be a Jedi so dang bad!
11. I really thought for the longest time that Sandra Bullock and I could be BFF! No really, I did (and probably secretly still do)
12. I get a lot of cleaning done when I'm on the phone with Sarah Smith.....don't you girl?
13. Love to cook and create new recipes---although they aren't all winners.
14. As soon as I sit down....somebody needs something.
15. Or as soon as I sit down, I have someone in my lap :)
16. It took a while to realize that no one's life turns out exactly as they planned. Just gotta roll with it- good and bad...all lessons learned.
17. Before hurricane Ike in September, I hadn't read a book for fun since I don't know when. Now I have read 8! Trying to be a good example to Cayley. Who btw is an awesome reader!!!
18. The book "Love and Respect" changed my outlook on marriage.
19. I love photography, but the business of it was not for me.
20. Music is such a motivator with me! It can get me up and cleaning, cry, smile, remember things....
21. My blogging is both theraputic for me and sentimental. I love that my kids can look at those entries when they are older and know what I was thinking and what was going on. I would love to know what my parents were thinking weekly when I was little.
22. I love my on line friends!!!!
23. I'm in a mommy group in our town. And even though I don't get to see them as much as I'd like, I love knowing that they are there ((big hugs)) to cpg!
24. The clean laundry is my arch nemesis! it used to be the dishes, but the laundry has been a secret evil in my home for some time now. I just can't seem to get it all put away---because then there's MORE!
25. I am very strict at bedtimes....the kids are asleep by 8pm just about everynight....and I know why my mom did that with us too, lol! otherwise, i'd have some cranky kids in the morning and I'd never get a minutes quiet....thanks mom!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Amanda's Baby Shower!!!

happy mommy to be!

the chocolate fountain- not working out the way it's supposed to-

baby rattle cupcakes...

ok, so these pics were taken by my super wonderful friend Sarah! it was such a blessing to have her come to the party and bring her camera. she captured some great moments with my family....thanks girl! texas is glad to have ya home!

Us girls!

us all! missed ya tim, but thank you for the quick get away without the little ones.

Playing games and snacking- not to brag, but the chicken salad was the best i have ever had! really good stuff!

me waiting for stella to move a bit :)

my mom and niece!- she was a doll at the shower...sneaking cupcakes and chocolate! she'd sink her teeth in one and then ask..too cute. auntie sarah loves you!


can't wait to meet you baby stella!

Sunday, January 25, 2009


fireproofbannerI am really looking forward to seeing this! I had every intention of supporting this movie at the box office, but things get crazy around nights are few and far between. i'll be at the red box getting this on tuesday!

and march 21st twilight comes out on dvd...couldn't have a movie post w/out my drug of choice, lol- pun intented!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

when it rains, it pours.....

ya know that saying- and it's usually said when a string of bad things are happening. so what do we say when things are going right? i know for a fact that i'm not perfect, my life is not perfect. but i know that instead of listing the imperfections of myself and the way life deals me the cards- i really should be looking for the wondrous things that somehow go right! - even when i am involved, lol!
yes, i'd love a new car, nicer things, manicures(lol), but that would mean i'd have to work outside of my home to afford it--- goodness knows i work here enough...but then i'd be missing time with my kids. so yes, for now (i will be getting a job again) i will continue to remember how blessed i am to have these three kids i chase around and laugh with - sometimes argue with too- and a caring husband to cook for each night. i know how long and hard your days are sweetie- you are loved! everything in the house stops as soon as he walks in the door at 6pm during the week and he braces himself for the three wild things that come up to hug on him. i wouldn't trade that picture in my head for the world.
so i leave you with this- i will in 2009- pray more, complain less. and if home is where your story begins...i want these chapters in my babies lives to be filled with love, hugs, and time together.