Wednesday, April 2, 2008

My Favorite Time of Year

So much as been going on and keeping me away from blogging- but I have been making some mental notes :)

The kids are all so funny! Each are really growing up right in front of us and they all have a great sense of humor. So this blog will be a lot of rambling, but stick it out.
Since the beginning of February--let's see-

We took the kids to the big SuperCross/Motor Cross event here in Houston! It was so much fun and the kids could be as loud as they wanted!
AJ and his friend drove up to come with us too-awesome seats in the press area thanks to Tim.
For Trav's birthday we took a family field trip to the Houston zoo. I still can't believe he's 5! The weather was great and the kids had such a wonderful time. It was a really special family day for us :) The kids took off school and Tim took off work and we just had a fun afternoon.

We had a couple of Houston Rodeo days. Tim and I got to go the the bbq cook off for a little while- it was cool- I had never been. For Valentine's day Tim gaveme 4 tickets to see my fave Faith Hill, so Cayley and I had a girls night. We invited a friend of mine and her daughter. It was LATE school night, but I really enjoyed myself. Cayley did fall asleep during the show, but I was sure to wake her up when "Mississippi Girl" was sung.

Our family concert day was to see Brad Paisley- who we all love here! He puts on a super good show! It was a wonderful Saturday afternoon concert and the Texas weather was perfect.

The kids had Easter parties at school. I got to help with Cayley's class. they had an adorable Easter breakfast with mini pancakes, fruit, muffins, etc. Adamkept stealing goodies from random kids plates! It was funny for a while- then we had to leave lol. We set up breakfast picnic style in the hallway at school and the kids looked like the had a fun time.

Spring break was amazing! I was shocked when Tim called and told me to pack up for the week and that we were heading to SA. We got to see so many loved ones and have a relaxing vacation ourselves. Got to meet little Nora! She's a beautiful little baby!
I'm heading to conquer laundry, again, lol. We'll see who wins today.

Back to routines around here!

ps-Last weekend-- we got some last minute tickets to the Astros game! It was a funfest day with clowns, face painting and stuff for the kids, so it was perfect! A super LONG day, but way fun. pics coming soon :)
love to all- sarah