Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Let Me Count the Ways... Day 2

in january, for no occasion at all, my husband brought me this special little book. "i love you because..." about 100 pages of romantic love quotes and sweet thoughts. i was so moved to tears and inspired. here's the theme for february: i'll post a new quote/thought for each day and then elaborate with a personal story. i encourage you all to do the same for your significant other. it's a great way to get that feeling of renewal. feel free to borrow the graphic and link to my blog as well. there just might be a giveaway at the end ;) i'd love for you to share your stories!

day 2:

love is friendship set on fire.

he is my best friend. the first person i want to call with good news, when i need to vent, the one i want to date!

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