Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Need a vacation from my vacation

February is off and rolling! Had a great time with Linzi's shower! The new baby is so set for her first year :) My mom loaned us her chocolate fountian, and I think I have finally seen my fill of chocolate for a while. It was beautiful and fun, but messy clean up- worth it though. I made my cake bites with strawberry cake and they were yummy! Tim stayed with the kids so that I could go and enjoy myself in SA- thank goodness he did since I got pretty sick while I was there and Cayley got sick at home. They had a good time at the Monster Truck Jam in Houston, lol. Cayley & Trav couldn't stop talking about it when I got ome on Sunday. I got to do some maternity portraits of Linzi- I'll double ck with her before I share- but she is such a cute pregnant little mommy!

I have lost my voice and and really congested still from the weekend, but hopefully it won't last too much longer. Really tired of whispering- especially when Tim has a hard time hearing anyway, lol

That was early in the week - now it's Friday and I'm still coughing and my voice still sounds gross. oh well. Last night was Trav's parent/teacher conference at school. He got a glowing report! His teacher is a great and really understands what he needs in class. With his report card, he's consistantly improving and that's what matters. He has come a long way since August and will be ready for kinder in the fall. I'm so proud of his progress and of the boy he is becoming. Travis is a real leader in his class and has made many new friends :)

Cayley had a good week as well. Started off sick - like me- and came home with lots of make up work. She has just about gotten everything caught up and she just finished off her 2nd reader & workbook. This is a big one! One night she reads the story- 5-7 pages long- the next night is the wkbk pages with reading comprehension questions. So she learned to write in complete sentences and correct punctuation :) Really proud of her- this was a test for her as homework. She had to really stay focused on it and she did it!

Adam--- he is saying his prayers with me at night! He kinda mouths the words as I say them and then ends it with a big "AMEN". It's so precious!

I'm off to try and FLY a bit, hope everyone is enjoying this great Texas weather!