Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pioneer Woman Obsession

ok, now thanks to julie i am now so crazy about this woman & her website. i gave her apple dumplings a try...and i decided i can officially eat these for breakfast, lunch & dinner every day. you have to try them.

i am making a list...ok a rather long list...of recipes and things i must try. pioneer woman is just cool. get ready to spend some TIME going through her blogs, tips, stories, recipes.

here's my attempt at the yummy apple-licious-ness.
yes, you are welcome friends. i'm vowing to eat grilled chicken and salads a couple times a week, just to be able to try more PW recipes. i'm tackling her cinnamon rolls tomorrow so we can have them for new year's. (oh, that will be a fun post!)
sit back & enjoy!

1 comment:

Julie M. Jackson said...

yep! These are amazing! We eat them with vanilla ice cream! They are SO GOOD!