Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dear December,

today, i'm staying home and cleaning. the boys' rooms look like tornadoes hit and everywhere else could use some help too. what would i rather be doing??? sitting in starbucks with a cheesey twilight magazine sipping an eggnog latte, but that's not on the agenda today. i'll really work it this morning, so i can have the time when adam's in school to work on some ornament orders. they'll be so cool when i'm done. this time last year, i had just finished the twilight series, but no one i knew around here had read them. what a difference a year makes! it's nice to have something to feel silly & excited about. today i'm praying for very special people- that god would make his plan known and give direction. i feel so helpless sometimes to help others-praying for god to give me some insight to what i can do.

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Sarah B. SMITH said...

i want a jacob one please =)