Monday, December 21, 2009

The Percentages Go Way Up!

Yes, the percentages of me missing fun things have waaaay up since becoming a mother of three. Just between me, Tim and the kids having illness & schedule conflicts, me not making it to an event like today's mommy cookie swap with friends of mine just plain makes me sad. But things happen and the chances of things happening again are high. Sadly, I'm not as dependable as I once was....I am depended upon by the four others that I live with and those needs always come first.I am surrounded by people who like me, even though this is my life...thank you!

Tomorrow I will be making a million cake balls for Tim's company Christmas lunch.rush.rush.rush. but it will all be fun while listening to Christmas music! Right now I am trying to be what the kids need and really make the holidays not about the gifts, but the entire experience. Honestly, when you think back to your childhood Christmas, do you really remember lots of specific gifts, or the enjoyment of doing things together? Toys and presents come in and out of style with each passing year, but the traditions we make and the memories we are making....well, they last a whole lot longer.

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Sarah B. SMITH said...

amen sista.. going to be making some sugar cookies with jared later and might even decorate them