Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Dear December,

well, december you are well on your way. you keep us busy and it takes real focus to make sure our priorities are in order. i love our family outings and activities, but sometimes i need the company of "just the girls". do you understand? this weekend will get me my fix, so to speak. hanging out with lindsey and then my ome sisters will do me wonders i think. things just get rolling so fast, that i really do feel stuck in one role of my life....and i have to recognize when that's happening so i can regroup.

tim's birthday is next week, and he doesn't want a cake! what's wrong with him? lol everyone wants a cake, but i do know what he wants for his birthday dinner. little mike's queso chicken- like from our dates at jail house cafe! so it will be a special meal :) i don't even remember what we did last year for his that sad that they all kinda run together after so many years?

christmas cards are just about addressed and finished. i have a list of baking to do, new recipes to try, gifts to buy, class parties to attend, ornaments to finish, holiday movies to watch with the kids, songs to sing, cups of hot chocolate to sip, books to read, thanks to give and hugs to share.

hope you are have a wonderful wednesday friend. enjoy it- there are only 3 left till 2010.

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