Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A Little Give & A Little Go

my cayley & travis have been gone to SA with grandparents since the day after christmas. it's so strange here. i really thought adam would be upset for a day or two, but nope...he's more than fine being an only child for a week. gosh, he went with tim and i to see new moon, yep again, and was so good! he is the wolf kid ;)

christmas eve was nice & kids were asleep before 9pm.
presents and evidence of santa's visit inspected by 6:45am
egg nog pancakes and bacon by 9am
wrapping paper galore bagged up by 11am
ham, smoked turkey & sides all done and lunch served at 2pm

this week it's just been me & adam hanging out at home, cleaning rooms, running errands, watching ice age: dawn of the dinosaurs over & over. he's one happy dino boy. who by the way is turning 5 tomorrow. funny how us moms can recall so many details of the birth of our babies...adam was so easy, even though he was 3 1/2 weeks early....he's been an early riser ever since. he only likes the frosting off cake, so i'm making him a cookie cake. like the ones ya get at the mall. i even found green icing to decorate his dino cookie cake!

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