Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Such a Busy Week!


My dad's in the hospital today. As of right now, he's prepped and ready to go into surgery at 3pm. I wish there was something I could do for both him and my step mom , but right now prayers are all I can offer. Just a little edgy till I get word that he's ok.

Cayley was super surprised when my mom and stepdad met her for lunch at school yesterday! But she woke up this morning so cranky and agitated- not sure what exactly was the matter, but she went off the school fine. Her open house is tomorrow night :)

The kindergarten called this afternoon. Travis was already home, but I still feel like "oh no, what's wrong?" But it was good- they asked if I could volunteer to take pictures of grandparents students next week at their special breakfasts. So I said sure! I'm just happy they asked and that I can be of some help. We made several appearances at the school last year...but I didn't think they knew me that well, lol. But they knew all about Adam having to come with me :)

So now on to Thursday!

There was a nice sized tropical storm head our way as of yesterday afternoon, but it turned last minute and headed more NE of us. Talked to my dad last night and this morning! He's on his was home shortly and the surgery was a success. Thank you Thank you Jesus!

Cayley had her Open House tonight and quite like I expected...she's a teacher favorite helper :) She was confident and cool about being in first grade. Super cute! Her teacher is great at communicating with us and I feel comfortable knowing Cayley's in her class.

Still sick- I've had this sinus/head cold thing all week and can't shake it. More annoying than anything, I have a hard time sleeping. So that makes the days very long lately. Cayley got a little talking to by her bus driver yesterday...she was trying to turn around and chat with someone behind today I made muffins for the bus driver and aide :) made some for Travis' bus too, but the funny thing was that today turned out to be Cayley's driver's birthday! So that worked out, lol!

Trying to figure out what else is needed for my class reunion picnic. Spoke to a friend of a fellow graduate and he's donating cases of soda to us! He works for Big Red and is really going out of his way to help us--there are good and generous people still left in this world afterall. Hurray!

Now it's Saturday:

Tim's stuck at work and we were planning on meeting him up at the deer lease today, but I still don't feel well enough. The kids are disappointed, but Travis is playing and singing in the bath tub & having a great time. Maybe the meds will kick in and we can still go later this afternoon.

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