Friday, September 7, 2007

Another Week Gone By

Travis just got home and eating his new favorite lunch-oatmeal! Everyday this week he has come home wanting some kind of fruit flavored oatmeal. So, I give it to him. There's worse things he could be wanting to eat :) He's learning the letter "C" and is practicing writing his name.

Cayley is going to be so surprised next week! It's Grandparent's week at her school and my mom and step dad are coming to eat lunch with her. She has NO clue :) I have heard nothing but good things about her at school. I love being able to email both of their teachers and get pretty quick responses. Tomorrow is the hot dog dinner at her school and that will be a good time to get out and meet some other kids and their parents from her class. And she is so excited about her cookie dough sale fundraiser!

Adam...what can I update on Adam? Well, he's playing a new game where he holds your hand and then lets go a little at a time. So he pretends he's falling and says "Whoa" over and over. Pretty cute. Oh, got his toddler bed last night and slept soundly.

We made cookies for Cayely's bus driver this week too. What a thankless job, but we are so lucky to have sweet ladies driving our babies to and from school. We'll send some to Trav's this week. Tim's home this weekend to be sure to go to Cayley's school on Saturday --it's very important to her!

Less than a month to go till my class reunion that I'm helping plan and getting a little nervous! Lots of people want to go, but having trouble getting them to pay, lol. Praying that everything will work itself out and it will be a great event.

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