Friday, September 28, 2007

Now on to October.....

Ah! September flew by! With everyone getting their new schedules, new schools, new buses, fundraiers, it really went by fast. Now October is going to be BUSY!

There's my class reunion in 7 days and as of right now I think it's under control again . Things got a little scary there for a minute, but like all good things, everything is falling into place for us :) My parents are all being so supportive of this event and are helping in great ways. So if you are reading this "Thank You!". I get to see all of them this next weekend AND get to see my friends and have a night out with Tim. Wow! All of this rarely happens, let alone in the same weekend.

Travis has his first field trip and they are going to Moody Gardens Aquarium! I already booked my spot to go with :) My sweet neighbor said she would keep Adam for me so I can go. Oh and Trav's teacher emailed and asked if I'd be on a site based comittee at he school...I said sure! They only meet once a month afterschool, so that's all good for me. Very excited that they asked me to be on it :) I guess they figure I'll be around for the next 4 years possibly, lol!

Cayley is doing so well in school! All of her returned papers are 100s except one 94--she felt bad about it. She know's she's a smartie! Dancing with the Stars is back on and that's our show to watch together! I love sitting down with her and laughing, cheering, and being a judge of the show too! I know we'll have class halloween parties to help with :)

Today is October 30, 2007-

WOW! Ok, not much blogging going on here lately! So here's an update:
Class reunion was wonderful! Annie &MaryAnn are the best! We had the same goals and worked so well together. Lucky for us, someone else wants to organize a 15 year. lol

Travis' field trip was great! He did not want me to go with him. Being at school is HIS time and not for mommy- he says. He got over it and we had a fun morning together at the aquarium. He's so silly. Lately he's doing these crazy funny poses for pictures.

Cayley got her first 1st grade report card and all 100s. Her reading is so good and her math is strong too. I got to eat lunch with her at school last week and it was so nice to see her in her element. She was quieter than at home, but she was so happy to share the time with me. I got to sit and chat with her teacher too and that was nice. Cayley's class Halloween party is tomorrow and I'm helping :) Trav's is today and I better get going to make it to his costume parade--more updates to come!

back from Trav's party-- really quick trip for me & Adam. Adam just was into everythng, so we left early. Did get some good pics though. During the parade- guess who lead it off???? TRAVIS! Super cute!

Adam is talking more lately. He's saying "yes". He's doing well and just being a sweetheart most of the time :)

I had a portrait session a couple of weekends ago and it was so much fun! Looking forward to being busy with pictures this fall/winter!

Tim's doing good too. He was in Pennsylvannia all last week for a training session. We missed him and glad he's back home.

Anything else???


Denise said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend! Im happy everything went smoothly for you!! Your pictures are so beautiful...thanks for sharing!

Ree said...

There's going to be a 15yr reunion??? WOOHOO, maybe I'll be able to make this one. I BETTER be able to make this one, because I dont' plan on being in the craphole for 5 yrs :P Out of curiousity, who said they want to plan it??