Saturday, September 1, 2007

Just Everyday Life

Where to begin. It's a Saturday early afternoon and I'm home in cleaning mode. That is before and after my breaks to check email. Sure I probably check it way too many times, but today I am fielding emails about my 10 year class reunion on an item for sale on Ebay. There's so much I have to be doing, but am not. But I feel so very busy everyday and still don't have too much to show for it at the end of the day. How can that be?! How can I be up at 6am and cook, get kids ready and off to school, clean, laundry, etc....and still have a mess at bedtime? Just doesn't make sense. I'm trying really hard to make a difference in my house everyday..just so I know something got done that I won't have to do again tomorrow.

I am so thrilled that Travis, 4 1/2 now, loves school! Like he really was upset this morning when he didn't have to go today. He got over it and watched cartoons, but there was a real sense of dissappointment.

Adam, 2 , said his first real phrase yesterday! "Wow, what's that?" That's what he said to me! He really only says momma and dadda and then this popped out of the blue.

Cayley, 6, is learning all kinds of new talking back to her mother! We were planning on going to the little park in the subdivision today for a picnic lunch, but after how this girl was talking to me...we quickly cancel that. Just another reason for her to be mad at me. I have resolved myself to correcting this bad behavior. No matter what, lol.

It's already been a long day. But we push through. :)

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