Saturday, September 1, 2007

Just everyday life pt 2

The day is winding down. Kids fed, bathed, and ready to watch one of my all time fave movies "Sound of Music".

This is what I needed to hear to get me through the rest of the night! I know I do not exude confidence, never have really, but I am learning to grab it when I can :) Going to pop some popcorn and snuggle in on the couch with the kids. Mom, that popcorn maker is so exciting to the kids! They love it! and I vacuum. Just kidding!
Tomorrow I get to explain to Travis why there's not school on Sundays and try to get motivated to go to church. Cayley actually asked me if she could start on her Christmas list today! She had a much better afternoon and even got to help make peanut butter cookies.
I guess I'll try and do little updates once a week or so. Oh Travis is learning to say the Pledge of Allegiance! It's really cute! His teacher is so sweet and chats via email with me during the week.

So if anyone can handle my ramblings --keep checking the blog. It can only get better!

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