Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hugs are Worth Their Weight in Gold

"Regardless of the number of people counting on you -- independent of your position of authority or responsibility -- everything does not depend on you; there are many things you don't understand. Humbly admit the truth. Put your confidence in God rather than yourself.There are a hundred worries clamoring for your attention, but only one thing is necessary.Trust in God; quiet your soul.~Holy God, the situation I face is too big for me. I don't understand the ramifications of every decision, so I'm giving it over to you. Help me to quiet my soul. Teach me to be still and trust completely in you."

Got this in my devotional today! I really do feel like there's so much depending on what I say and do, but maybe there's not. lol When I read "..the situation is too big for me.." I was thinking, well, today is nothing especially difficult for me-just another day-but then everyday is too big for us alone! I am depending to much on myself and what I have to do for me and my family--instead of what God wants to do for me--if I would just let Him. So I'll work on that too :)

Something amazed me last night- as I was tucking in Travis and saying our prayers, I told him how he needed to get some sleep so he'd be ready for school in the morning. Well, he leaned in and hugged me so tight and said" You're the best Mom!" . Anyone who knows Trav knows this is a big deal! He came home from school yesterday singing new songs and chatting about the events of his day. Wow! Thank you God he loves school!

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Denise said...

I like your Blog. I really love everything you write!