Tuesday, April 21, 2009

You Were Made to Fill a Purpose...

More Beautiful You

Artist: Jonny Diaz

Album: Stand For You

"Little girl fourteen flipping through a magazine
Says she wants to look that way
But her hair isn't straight her body isn't fake
And she's always felt overweight
Well little girl fourteen I wish that you could see
That beauty is within your heart
And you were made with such care your skin your body your hair
Are perfect just the way you are

There could never be a more beautiful you
Don't buy the lies disguises and hoops they make you jump through
You were made to fill a purpose that only you could do
So there could never be a more beautiful you

Little girl twenty-one the things that you've already done
Anything to get ahead
And you say you've got a man but he's got another plan
Only wants what you will do instead
Well little girl twenty-one you never thought that this would come
You starve yourself to play the part
But I can promise you there's a man whose love is true
And he'll treat you like the jewel that you are

So turn around you're not too far
To back away be who you are
To change your path go another way

It's not too late you can be saved
If you feel depressed with past regrets
The shameful nights hope to forgets
Can disappear they can all be washed away
By the one who's strong can right your wrongs
Can rid your fears dry all your tears
And change the way you look at this big world
He will take your dark distorted view
And with his light he will show you truth
And again you'll see through the eyes of a little girl"

has anyone heard this song on KSBJ? that one line hits me so hard and the first verse is amazingly written. we really have to encourage our daughters that they are made perfectly in His image and there's no one else in the whole world like them. life is hard enough already- there's so many expectations and "hoops".

home has to be a safe place to vent and be encouraged. i love my children with all i am and pray that they feel like they can share thier frustrations and joys with me everyday. and most days they do. :) the best reward is the extra little squeeze and i love ya at the end of the day.


Julie M. Jackson said...

Ok Sarah, I must be getting old and blind! I have a hard time seeing the words on your blog. Can I click on something to make them go white or pop up in another screen? I am blind as a bat!

Sarah Lett said...

i have no idea julie, lol! but i changed it just for you ;)

Julie M. Jackson said...

YEAH I love it! WOOHOO! I can see! I really need to get new glasses though!

Sarah B. SMITH said...

do you have that willow tree of the mother and daughter.. I love those.. I am excited to actually display them when we move into our new house.. miss you..

Sarah Lett said...

sarah-i have a few willow trees, but not this one. maybe i will after mother's day :) but omg! cayley has been treating me so badly! i don't know what to do!

julie- does taylor ever pull stuff on you? like cayley wanted to wear flip flops to school and i never let her do that. so she yelled and fought...but i didn't give in. she wore her other sandals :)