Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Run of the Mill Wednesday

on the agenda for today: get laundry going- or else, lol. i have so much to do to get ready for this weekend and the next. this weekend we are having an small Easter party with family and friends, then the following weekend more partying for cayley's 8th birthday! my little girl wants a twilight party...hummm, where could she have come up with that idea??? :) obviously it won't be overboard with the theme- it's still a little bit more pg-13 than i'd like her to be interested in.
for the easter party- i love this egg place card/flower holder idea by sandra lee.
and for cayley's birthday- still working on it, but i have some great ideas for the table and cake :) i can't believe she's turing 8!
so for today- laundry, brainstorming more party ideas, making grocery lists and menus.
this is my wednesday...
Twilight New Moon Movie and Twilight Movie


Denise said...

cant wait to see all the pictures of the exciting celebrations these next few weeks!

Heather said...

I'm glad Easter is ovr - we had a great holiday but I need a break from last week!! I have laundry to do today - OH - while my family was here on the weekend - Bethany brought Twilight and we let Hayden stay up and watch it. He LOVED it - lol.

Sarah Lett said...

hayden is awesome!!!