Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I Feel it Coming On

SUMMER! yes, it will be here before we know it and i have to start making plans to keep the kids busy. cayley has golf & reading camp stuff, each have a week with my parents in SA, & swim lessons. this summer i am adding the library into our routine! i'm really looking forward to that. now that i have 2 reading kids :)
mid morning park play times before it gets too hot and the houston children's museum are on my list to do as well. poor julie has to remember my first and only trip to the children's museum! what a crazy day!!! but the kids are older now, so praying that there will be a much better trip in store for us. oh, and we have never done any of the fun stuff at the crosby community center. this might be the year to start!
i'm sure a trip to SA will be in the works sometime during the time out of school and to the beach too, but i have to come up with some back yard fun stuff too. bubble and sidewalk chalk are a must. afternoons running in the sprinkler-anyone else do that when they were little? we sure did!

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