Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary to Us

today is our 9 year anniversary! it seems like yesterday we were planning our wedding, and now we have come so far. blessed is the only word i can use to describe our marriage. sure we have had our ups and downs- each in its extreme even, but we always make life work- our life. i can't imagine not having tim as my other half. we can finish each others stories, make each other laugh when life is challenging, and just be together.
I promise to love you forever — every single day of forever.

we are headed out to dinner somewhere tonight- i have no clue! there's nothing i could want more. my bracelet was enough, but then he bought me a "new" to me mini van last week. it was an upgrade, drives great and we paid cash. i have no need for a newer car- means bigger payment, lol. he reminds me of his late grandpa that way :)

well, i'm off to go order cayley's bday cake, stop by the kindergarten, then home to straighten up and get ready for this evening. i'm so taking my camera.

this is by far not a run of the mill wednesday...


Crystal said...

Happy Anniversary Sarah! Here's to many more Happy Years for Tim and You!

Sarah Renee B. SMITH said...

happy happy anniversary Sarah and Tim.. much love to the both of you
the smith family

Heather said...

Hey Happy Anniversary! Where did you guys go for dinner! Congrats on the van!!!