Monday, April 27, 2009

All About New Moon & TwiCon

from the entertainment tonight website:
"Twilight Convention Coming to Texas
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Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series is branching out from its Comi-Con booth and getting a convention of its own, TwiCon!
The big state of Texas is hosting the largest United States conference inspired by the wildly popular vampire series Twilight.
From July 30-August 2, Twilight aficionados will storm the Sheraton Dallas Hotel for series inspired music and fun!
Tickets go on sale for TwiCon on May 1. Click HERE to see ET's latest 'New Moon' exclusive. "

if i wasn't a mom of three and devoted wife...i'd take off to dallas for a 4 day weekend for twicon! i guess here's is where my line is drawn...well, partly because rob pattinson isn't on the schedule of cast to appear. i bet he shows up anyway though :)

and here's a new moon movie update:

ET New Moon 3
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*sigh* so super excited! i think i'm going to read new moon again.


Julie M. Jackson said...

I am going to TwiCon! OMG Sarah! Taylor and I are going~! We got our tickets and hotel room!

Sarah Lett said...

JULIE! i am so excited for you! i expect a full and detailed report!!!

Julie M. Jackson said...

I ahve officially lost my mind! I mean, I am one of those weirdos that goes to a Star Wars convention of something! HA! Taylor is submitting a paper to see if it will be used in a workshop! That is going to be one wild mother/daughter weekend!

Crystal said...

LOL Julie! Thanks for sharing all of the info Sarah! I passed it on to Amber!

Heather said...

C~R~A~Z~Y Twilight girls - all of you!!! I still love you though. I might write a pa paper - there was a topic i liked about the women of Twilight.

Sarah Lett said...

you & taylor will have a blast!!! when i told tim about the convention- he stopped short of calling me crazy, lol! i'd love to hear about hte topics heather and taylor are possibly writting about. i did see the one on the women of twilight.
heather- what did you think of "breaking dawn"?

Heather said...

I need to bring you your copy of Breaking Dawn back. After she had the baby it was great - but the whole pregnancy thing kind of flippedm me out - I was ok with Renesme - except for the name - lol. But I did like it!!