Saturday, August 29, 2009

Recycled Treasures!

i did a little resale shopping this week- child free!!!
it was very strange, but gave me some good time to find these little gems.

3 large crosses- needing some love, but only .50 each. with some cleaning and spray paint i think they'll be really cool.
thinking of a glossy black maybe???
what do you think?

cayley's reading us out of house & home, lol. alice in wonderland came home with me for .25!
she will love it! just can't wait for that fall feeling to be in the air!
tiny scarecrow for 50 cents.

this basket was pretty & rustic for 25 cents!
after some cleaning and arranging, it found it's spot in my kitchen.


Denise said...

Great finds! I think glossy black would look nice on the crosses and the basket looks cute! I love the purpose you gave it. I looks so nice!

Sarah B. SMITH said...

you rock sarita.. love you

Sarah said...

thanks girls! it was just nice to go while the kids were in school :)