Sunday, August 16, 2009


not sure where this is coming from, but what exactly are your first priorities each day?

kiss and hug your family first thing? pour that much needed cup of coffee? check email? watch the morning news? are you top on the list for someone? or are you making the list for yourself at all?

there is so much to do every single day....and so then what gives and how do you make it ALL happen? right now, i'm still not feeling well so my house is really feeling neglected. but the house will always be there for me to tidy tomorrow. i just can't shake that feeling of wanting to have things "just so", but feeling the heavy reality of the millions of little this i have to do each day.

does it sounds terrible that i am so excited for school to start on the 24th? because i am! i have had a great summer with the kids, but oh boy, do i need a little break! as moms, we give & give...sleep...and start all over.
especially with elementary aged kids.

the kids are well worth the occasional frustration, headache, and exhaustion. god knew what he was doing when he built women to be mothers :)
there is always a bigger plan- and we are blessed to be apart of it.

hey- i do see a light at the end of this mommy tunnel.
it's called the first day of school and it will be here in one week. lol

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