Monday, August 24, 2009

Happy Homemaker Monday

thanks sandra at diary of a sahm for hosting each monday!
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The weather in my neck of the woods:
oh so humid!!!

One of my simple pleasures:
packing lunches with special treats for my kiddos

On my bedside table:
"new moon" still & again

On my TV:
adam watching some playhouse disney before getting ready for his pm prek class

On the menu for tonight:
probably some shrimp tempura rolls & spicy mayo- really craving it!

On my To Do List:
lots! grocery store, laundry, baking...

New Recipe I tried last week:
not new, but haven't made it in a while & they are so easy!

easy peanut butter cookies-

1 cup peanut creamy butter
1 cup sugar
1 egg
1 tsp vanilla

mix the egg till fluffy, then throw in everyitng else. scoop into balls, the press with fork to make the criss cross pattern. bake @350 for 8 minutes. perfect cookies!

In the craft basket:
nothing :(

Looking forward to:
hearing about how first days have gone!

Homemaking Tip for this week:
don't have anything off the top of my head...

Favorite Blog Post of the week (mine or other):
this yummy post from B. Jane . I love how she blogs & is so super creative! Go take a peek!

Favorite photo from last week:

well, it's from this morning! 1st day of prek, 1st grade & 3rd grade! can ya tell how humid it is this morning?- crazy!

Lesson learned the past few days:
routines are a blessing to us!

On my Prayer List:
my babies on the first days at new schools
teachers & bus drivers
friends & their babies on first days
safe travels back home for my dad & linda :)


Heather said...

Hey I think I'm back! This is the first time I've read your blog all summer! Loved the Happy Homemaker Mondays - I've missed it!!

Sandra said...

Oh I love the pics, they're all so cute :)