Tuesday, May 12, 2009

What a Mother's Day Weekend!!!

it was a really great weekend! my mom, amanda & stella, and aj all came up to spend some time with us. a jam packed couple of days for sure. we started off hanging out at home visiting, watching "twilight", & playing some guitar hero.

trav came home with a recipe book from the kids in his class! it was adorable! trav's recipe was for spaghetti:


ingredients:meatballs, sauce, & rope soup

directions: put the meatballs in a pan & put some sauce in the pan & put the rope soup in it. put the oven on 100 degrees for 40 hours. eat it.

cayley made me these sweet cards-one from each of the boys and then one from herself. very, very thoughtful girl i have! ((hugs)) kids!

my sister gave me these photo coasters! they are so cool! each have pics of my kids and then one of me & tim. thanks amanda & stella..love you!

my mom! she gets to hear the crazy everyday stories that go on here! last week adam pulled my pyrex glass dish from the fridge and it shattered in a million pieces! it is my go to casserole 9x13 dish and i use it for everything. i meant to pick up another one, but kept forgetting, so she surprised me with 4 of them :) thank you mom!!!

then my mother in law gave me a sweet card and gift card to starbuck's! thank you lori- ya know me too well. love you all!!!

then headed out for some fun at dave & buster's. it has been forever since i have been there! we played some horse racing game-it was really cool. you got to breed, train, feed, and race your horse. aj was good to his and won! i had a new drink from the bar called a "scooby snack" it was so good! filled with whipped cream, coconut run, banana juice, and other stuff. it was cool looking!

then walked over to the houston improv and lined up for the gabriel iglesias show. aj and lindsey hadn't been to a comedy club before- this was so fun to take them and the perfect guy to see! we ended up at the end of a huge line even though we were more than an hour early. i couldn't believe it. but we hung out in the weird hallway till we got a call from troy who had worked some magic and not only got us to the front of the line, but seated and orders taken before anyone! we sat right at the stage.

tim, aj & i stayed around to say hey to fluffy and get a pic. he is so easy going and friendly. i had the best time-didn't get to bed till after 2am!

on to sunday- mother's day!

tim went to pick up panera bread for breakfast. my fave! then we had a girls lunch planned at the country club here in the subdivision. it was so pretty inside and the food was yummy. lindsey and troy's mom came with us. it was so nice to sit and chat with this group!

then ended the weekend with some kid "cottontails" v8 smoothies in glasses with a strawberry on the rim. her cocktail was too cute!


Denise said...

What a Fabulous weekend!!

Julie M. Jackson said...

How was the Country Club lunch? I wanted to go, I even told Heather about it. I am going to do it next year. I grew up going to things at the country club and even got married there! HA!

Sarah said...

the lunch was good! buffet style w/roast beef, ham, green beans, salad, potatoes, & really good desserts for $15! where in the world can you get that on mother's day? lol ok, next year we should all go :) i know my sister & mom want to make it an annual tradition too!