Thursday, May 14, 2009

Slow It Down Thursday

"i just want to be with yoooooooou"

(ok, can't figure out why this is keep loading horizontal, when i'm uploading it vertically, sorry!)

"so bad i want to scream" isn't he adorable!

i know i have blogged about my love of musicals before...and how sweet it is that my little ones love them too. here's adam a month ago (yes, in his undies) singing and dancing to one of his favorite movies- high school musical 3! so i have finally figured out how to post these little videos on here :) good golly- i love this guy! he still gets a kick out of watching his musical numbers on the here's my "slow it down thursday" tribute to adam. mommy loves you ;) what a magical time in a child's life to be a part of! you only get one time around-fill it with hugs, smiles, and real moments. (and bring your camera, lol)