Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Spotlight Wednesdays

so, my little man is graduating from kindergarten next thursday. this year has gone by so fast and he's changed so much-in a good way :) just seems like yesterday he was getting on the bus for the first day of pre-k, now he's almost a first grader!

this year hasn't been completely a breeze for him. it was full of new things-reading, math, lunch lines, and his teacher has done a good job.
thank you mrs. randolph for a great year.

proud big sister! we are all so proud of you trav as you move on to first grade-then before you know, it you'll be done with high school. the other day he told me that he wanted to be a chef and a doctor when he growns up...i have no doubt you will be whatever you set out to be sweetie!
love you-


Julie M. Jackson said...

Sweet pics! ;o)

Denise said...

Congrats to Travis! They grow soo fast its unbelievable! Your doing a Great job Mommy!

Sarah said...

thanks y'all!