Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Big Deals on a 3 Day Weekend!

yep! we got some bargains and had some big fun this weekend! we spent on memorial day afternoon at the sam houston race track betting on some horses and having lunch. it was dollar day and admission, hot dogs, drinks, ice cream-you guessed it, all one dollar. i hadn't been to this park, but tim and i use to go to retama in san antonio for fun. the kids had a blast yesterday and the weather was perfect for racing.
lol adam had an itch on his nose!

tim & troy catching the last race of the day.

adam looking for his horse-

trav watching the race from the comfort of air conditioning-where we spent most of the afternoon :)

now for my deals!
cayley and i had to run to the dollar tree sunday and stopped into the goodwill store next to it just for fun.
i have been looking for some cute dress sandals- that had to be comfortable, otherwise they'd sit on the closet floor. we found these wedges! i loved the color, checked the size- still good...now how about the wear and tear- they looked brand new! and the price....$2.99 for new croc wedges that sell online for $39.99!!!

the necklace was super cute too and still had the tags on it (retailed for $12.99!) cayley and i each got one for $3 each! can ya tell i was excited?!

ok, so for my grocery shopping trip this weekend. i took my local grocery store's ads and used them to price match at walmart, plus a couple coupons and i saved some $$.

blue bell ice cream reg. almost $6, i got it for $3.59 w/ compared shopping
coupon for magic eraser: buy one get one free. so i paid $2.72 for 2 boxes
kraft sliced cheese reg almost $3, compared shopping for $1.19!
sugar reg almost $2, compared shopping for $1.44
mushrooms $1.88, CS for $.99
holmes smoked sausage almost $3, CS for $1.79

my hubby was so proud :)
oh and for real: try blue bell's new flavor "groom's cake" you will not regret it. it's so yummy!


Sarah B. SMITH said...

you go girl.. we are all about the bargain shopping.. strategic shopping is the best.. that should be apart of a stay at home mom's job .. to save money !

Sarah said...

that's for sure sarah- it was very exciting to save some money :)