Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Today- run of the mill Wednesday

not much exciting going on here today. i'm getting off the computer today to wash more laundry and straighten up a bit. there's been so much going on the last few weeks, that it's kinda nice to have a week where nothing major is happening. i mean it's all been good things, just busy. next week and the week after will more than make up for the hum-drum of the present!

i did come home on sunday to a living room turned home theatre!!! our 42'' tv went out 2 years ago- never buy a plasma, fyi- so we have been using an extra tv my dad and linda had in thier guest room. well, everytime we had extra money to spend, something magically came up and needed the extra funds. tim went to circuit city to see what kind of store closing deals they had and came home with a projector. i didn't understand why we needed that instead of a regular lcd tv, but i'm game for whatever. i found a screen to mount on the wall at office and ordered it. anyway- by the time i got back on sunday tim, his dad & troy were in the middle of installing the projector to the ceiling of our living room. no screen is needed! our back wall is huge and works like a charm! i never thought it would be as clear as a tv and as cool as a movie theatre- but it really is! twilight dvd release night is gonna rock :) actually, our local walmart is having a midnight release party. lindsey and i are ready to hit it!!! gonna be a late night, but edward on 150+ inches *sigh* so worth it!

i was going through some older files and found the photo session i did for my sister in law liz :) it made me smile!

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Sarah Renee B. SMITH said...

thanks for letting me vent alittle.. I promise I do not tell everything including the telephone poll outside.. happy for the projector.. love you