Friday, March 27, 2009

My Bedroom Redo!!!

so i know my birthday is a few months away, but tim asked me what i wanted for my big 3-0 this week. it got me thinking...i don't want/need a whole lot, but it would be great to redo our bedroom. here's my plan :)

not sure which one of the comforter/bed sets but here's 2 i like
(this b/wone is called eclipse, lol, that might sway my vote!)

then i *need* some twilight decor!!!

it has been forever since we have had our bedrooom decorated the way i want it- not just thrown together. tim's so sweet!
i'm going to keep search to make our bedroom our little bit of comfort and quiet space.


Julie M. Jackson said...

stop it stop it stop it! I would turn my entire bedroom into a Twilight if I could! ;o) HA! How funny you and I were thinking this way on the same day! I ordered that wooden sign for my room, Be Safe. I love my bedroom already, been decorating it for a few years now! So Twilight stuff will work prefectly! If I was to vote, I would pick the first set, with the black! LOVE IT!

Anna said...

I definitely think the black and white is better - and a lot easier to find accessories to co-ordinate. You could do one wall with black and white pictures in all black, or all white frames.

Sarah Lett said...

love it gals! i think that was my fave from the get go too :) this is gonna be FUN!

Denise said...

I see 2 people have voted for the black and white set, I think its nice, but I personally like the red and gold...I just bought another comforter set for when my parents come and sleep in my bed- but now Im thinking I want another one!! :)