Tuesday, February 10, 2009

walking the fine line

my sweet baby girl cayley- who's not so much my baby anymore- she's turning 8 in april! i'm having some conflicting feelings about school and her. she's so bright, caring, and intuitive. i see a lot of myself in her - and lots of her daddy. but when it comes to school- she and i are so similar. she loves to help her teacher and fellow students...her heart is so big! what a reader too! she has just ran with it this year and i have lost count of all the chapter books she's read since school started. really cool!!! well, it that time of year again when the school's open up the referrals for the gifted and talented program testing. she was previously tested in kinder and 1st grade- and did ok on the tests, but not high enough to qualify. which is more than fine with me- all i want her to be is happy with her efforts in school and not feel overly pressured.

life's hard enough! so yesterday she came home with the referral packet for me to fill out. i KNOW she would benefit from and succeed in a gt class, and her teacher- who is so sweet- suggested that she be tested again :) i just love her so much and want her to enjoy being 7! then with a blink of an eye - you are 29.

she was telling me something funny the other day. ya know that song "i've been watching you dad. ain't that cool...." it's a country song about a 4 yr old boy and how he learns things from his dad and wants to be like him when he grows up. well, she was singing it, but changed the words to how she "wants to be like you, mom."
my eyes welled up with tears- that's the kind of thoughtful, sincere little girl i have. love you!


Julie M. Jackson said...

cherish every second of her! They grow WAY too fast!

Denise said...

Aww...I'm almost in tears! That is sooo beautiful!! Good luck to Cayley on her G.T. testing!! Be proud of the wonderful girl your raising!!

Sarah Renee B. SMITH said...

that is so sweet!!! she is wonderful daughter that looks up to her mommy that takes her job seriously as her mom and wife of her daddy!!

Heather said...

Ok I had just had a good cry! This is so sweet Sarah.