Monday, February 16, 2009

Aren't They Sweet!

these guys are the sweetest people we have met in a long time! they have an amazing little story about how they met...tim set them up and they didn't even know it! i just had to blog about how special their friendship is to both me and tim- and our kids love them like family already! tim and i have always wanted friends that we are both friends with-- it's harder than ya know! but god's timing is perfect and he sent these two into our lives for a real reason.- guys- i'm so looking forward to family trips together, more dinner nights, impromtu birthday parties & pot lucks! we are so blessed to know both of you-

my dad & linda came to town this weekend and so we had a early mini birthday party for trav on sunday. lindsey made him a spiderman cake- super cute and delicious! we had a little of all trav's faves and relaxed with some texas hold'em. what a fun day!!!

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Julie M. Jackson said...

I know what you mean Sarah, you have girlfriends that your husbands shake hands with, or say hello, but not every day buddies. We have that with Jimmy and Kelley. The four of us are truly a circle of friends! Jimmy is like a bratty brother to me and Kelley is a bratty sister to Lance! HA! It is a true blessing to find friendship like that. ;o)