Monday, February 23, 2009

Stella Bella

ok- her name isn't stella bella, but it's so catchy! sorry amanda :)
stella cassidy was born sunday, feb. 22, 2009. she was so comfy, they had to do a c-section. all is well and amanda and stella are doing really good. i spoke to amanda yesterday a few times and again this morning. she sounds super today and drs say she can go home either tuesday or wednesday. i'm so excited for a road trip this coming weekend to meet our new niece!
seeing pics of this new baby, puts me right back to the moments all 3 of ours were born. each with such different stories and so special.

so welcome stella- you are so loved already!


Shana said...

Congrats Sarah Barah!! she is so precious!!!

Crystal said...

She is too cute!

Anna said...

she is precious!

Denise said...

She looks so beautiful!

Heather said...

Oh my goodness - another one - what a cutie. Stella Bella is cute - lol - but I love the name Cassidy - very pretty!!