Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Weather Watching is getting OLD!

Just had to post this pic I did of my wedding ring. I did this a while ago, but wanted to share what I was thinking about when I saw this again. In Hebrew it says "My beloved is mine and I am his." There should be an added verse somewhere saying - and so is my big, wonderful, slightly silly, amazing family. and vice versa :) See the big Lopez-Chetwood-Lett Family Photo!!!

We made the long awaited trip to SA for Labor Day weekend. Our main goal was to meet up with some of my family for a big group portrait. It was fun! A lot of corraling, bribing, yelling "cheeeeese", and laughing. I was exhausted afterwards for sure- and I know I wasn't the only one, lol. Most of our trip was spent chatting, eating great food at both parents houses, and watching the weather channel. Yes- another hurricane is now heading our way again. Our area was spared a week ago, but here's another one coming to test us.

This is a busy school week. It's grandparents week - my mom is coming up to spend some time with us, it's open house at Cayley's school on Thursday, I'm running up to the kindergarten to help with grandparent's day pics on Wednesday, and of course watching the weather!!!

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