Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ike Blogging: Tuesday 9/16/08

got the call last night that school would be out till at least next monday! praying that the power will be up way before that! good news from penske- everyone that works with tim is ok. tim shines his brightest through adversity and his quick thinking & decisions are second to none. he got a call from his boss's boss and he thanked tim for all his hard work & dedication :)

last night was another family-neighbor dinner at my in law's house. we had some awesome stew that tina made- * note to self- get the recipe for the soup we had the night before & the stew :)* salad, fries, & fried catfish. between 4 families- we had a feast! tonight we are pulling together & having spaghetti and meat sauce. i'm so thankful that we had our deep freezer filed with goodies to be defrosted.

the weather today is even cooler than yesterday! God's perfect timing! but i had to get some laundry done, so i pulled out the detergent & washed some clothes in the kitchen sink this morning. they got done & hung outside to (hopefully) dry sooner than later. they got done none the less. house is fairly clean and everyone slept so well last night. i can't help but compare ike to katrina unprepared we were, how people were fighting over gas, food, we see so many people pulling together and helping each other.

on a kinda selfish note- i am praying for power to be restored for us all, but also- the new season premiers come on soon!!! but the kids are keeping busy with coloring, drawing, putting on shows & reading. i have actually finished a book that i had been trying to finish for a while now and will start a new one soon :)

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