Wednesday, August 27, 2008

For the little girl who has everything...

My baby niece turned three at the beginning of August and I know she has 2 of everything!

So I made her these wall hangings for her bday. I do get some random creative streaks and need to get working on some real scrapbooking soon. I'm trying out a digital photobook online that I can journal a little in as I go- so we'll see how that goes. All I knwo is that I have sooo many pictures that I need to keep for my little ones. Oh- I'm making a name thing for Cayley this week :)
ok- the glare got the best
of me- but Cayley's says
"A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart"

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Sarah Renee said...

love it again... I hope she likes it as well.. what digital photobook journal?