Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Ike Blogging: Monday 9/15/08 10:40am

a new week has started & God has revealed His blessings to us again. i'm not sure if my spirits would be as high if the storm had come as early as lat week. there's a wonderful cool breeze flowing through the house right now. fall is coming!

i am truly drawing from lessons learned from our katrina experience. this morning i cleaned the fridge out completely . over night things were getting a little gross, so first thing after making the kids breakfast i hit the fridge with awesome lavender cleaner- thanks mom!- & trash bags. it wasn't yucky, but would have been if i had left it for a little later.

tim's working today. i haven't heard form him yet, i'm hoping all of his employees are safe too. oh- tears filled my eyes and ran down my face- the kids were all eating breakfast & coloring at the table today- listening to our Christan radio station ksbj when a familiar song came on. cayley & trav started singing "blessed be your name" with such joy! i honestly thank the Lord that our children know that we are being blessed even through these difficult days. i feel Him strengthening our fab five of a family every minute throughout this.

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