Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Tuesday Rambling

Small life
Needed to do important things vs. needing to feel important
Little things bring excitement –
Don’t have much to offer to conversations
Speaking to children vs. speaking to peers
Feeling out of the loop-
So many little things to do, daily
Knowing my “un job” is more important than any career
Needing a break from everything- and missing everything at the same time
Knowing my whole world lives inside these 4 walls
Praying that this is filling
Waiting for more
Getting through the day
Amazed at the peacefulness in each sleeping child’s face
Dealing with being loved and unliked at the same time
Being right vs. peace
Finding myself at 30…

1 comment:

Sarah B. SMITH said...

what a great way to expressed yourself.. i feel like we have our endless conversations.. but you know i know who you feel for sure..
Bring this all the foot of the cross, and allowed the Lord to love on you and bring encouragement to a wonderful sahm and wife!!