Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Spotlight Wednesday

today is all about travis! oh, he such a complete mystery to me sometimes and can make me laugh, especially when i don't want to. he has the best sense of humor & give the best hugs!

last night he had his fill of little brother adam drama. trav came up to me and said"we need to take adam back to the baby store and get a new one!" he was so very serious- at that moment anyway. then while we were watching "it's the great pumpkin charlie brown" he sees a toll house cookie commercial and wanted grandma debbie to make cookies for him. i grab the phone and tell him to chat with her about it :) he put in his request for chocolate chip cookies with strawberries and whipped cream. he is so my kid! i'll post pics along with halloween weekend stuff.

today is also the day he is getting his staples removed from his head. i don't think i really posted about this. 10 days ago, trav & adam were playing with the couch cushions in the living room. no harm in that, right? not till you add in a coffee table. yep, trav got wobbly after stacking 2 cushions and adam was around too horse playing. travis fell back and hit his head. there wasn't any blood at first as i held him..then it started. sorry for the details. lindsey came over and rushed us to the er clinic 15 minutes away. they saw him as quickly as i could fill out the paperwork. did i mention that tim was at the deer lease and no cell phone signal???

by the time we see the nurse, trav is joking around and laughing---that is until the dr. come in with the staples! 5 total and his poor head was so very swollen. a couple days later, swelling was down and drama was over. now, today we go back to get the removed and i know this won't be fun. he has been such a brave little guy.

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