Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Job Hunting, Since Blogging Doesn't Pay Well

yep, you read that right. i am looking for a job.
not searching for anything full time, my life is so full already.
this is when living in small town america gets complicated. there aren't a ton of options for evening positions. so the plan is dinner with the family, showers & jammas, and daddy tucks them in while i head out around 7/8pm till 11/12 during the week. it's not a huge amount of hours, but i have been praying for something to be available and a company to need someone these exact hours. today i'll go and return a couple of applications and then wait and see.
for along time, i've looked for a work at home something and haven't found anything that worked for me. an evening job would be ideal for me. i'm up anyway while tim & the kids are sleeping, could be home with adam in the mornings and get everyone off and home from school, best of all i wouldn't miss school functions during the day & family time at night.
so if you would, keep me in prayer as i try and find the right fit......


debra said...

Best of luck to you! The perfect thing will come along.

Anna said...

good luck Sarah! I hope you find something that fits your needs