Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Gourmet Cupboard

in response to my previous post....none of those options worked out right now. my schedule is very unique and i can't honestly expect for businesses to need someone with such confined availability.
i understand completely!

a month ago, i found this company online called the gourmet cupboard. after lots of thought and prayer i have decided to become a distributor of their products. i'm so very excited! this is food that i would eat, prepare for my family & friends, and give as gifts! there's such a wide variety of foods that i think everyone could find their fave quickly. i love how this is so "semi-homemade"! this is gonna save time and money on cooking- and hopefully be an added income :)

right now, i'm taking catalog orders from the website product list- soon i'll have real brochures in hand. the possiblities are endless. i'm making plans for sampler baskets for christmas time with fun recipes.

so, take a minute my bloggy friends and pop on over to the gourmet cupboard website and see if there's something you like to order. i'll probably submit orders twice a month and i'll be posting monthly specials starting in october.
feel free to comment or email, i'd be happy to help!

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