Thursday, June 11, 2009

Age is Just a Number, Right?

ok, so what happens when you hit an age milestone? i'm turing 30 on saturday and in someways, i don't think it makes a difference- just one more year older. then in other ways, it seems huge. tim and i did start our family in our early 20's, so it seems like i haven't been my actual age for quite sometime. with each new child, came new responsibilities, new roles to play, more people to need me. turning 30 this year is just the beginning of some big changes around here. cayley will be in 3rd grade, travis starts 1st grade and our youngest, adam, starts 1/2 day pre-k. huge changes! still a very busy stay at home mom, just busy & needed in different ways.

there are so many things that i love about my life! blessed with a huge, wonderful family & circle of friends. i know i blog a ton about my sweet kids, but then i know they won't always be here for me to clean up after & remind them to say nice things to each other. i know things don't can they? but i'll always have this blog to remind me of the crazy life i had as a stay at home mom of 3 in the last few years of my 20's. just can't fight that feeling like the big changes are headed like storm clouds on the horizon. not that the changes ahead are looming dreary ones, but ya know what i mean.

feeling like i need to make a "in my next 30 years"

*get healthy. stop checking the scale for validation. this has been a great week at the fitness center here!

*do more art/photography just for me. who knows? the few hours i have without the kids each day during the school year might lead to some new ventures...

*spend more time dating my hubby. though our time away from our kids is rare-it's getting easier to know that they are all slightly more self-sufficient.

*keep creating dinners at home that keep us wanting to eat here more than out. this is so good for us- gets us chatting about our days, saying our blessings, and just being together.

so dear friends-here's to me turning 30. loving what i have, sharing what i can, living life in my own little corner of the world.


Julie M. Jackson said...

WOW Sarah! I didn't know you were turning 30 this weekend! Any big plans?

Have a great birthday! In our teens we think we know it all, in our 20's we don't know anything and in our 30's we finally get it! ENJOY! ;o)

Sarah B. SMITH said...

sad that I don't get to see you I hope Tim's secret plans are wonderful happy bday t0 the best Sarah I have ever known love you much